The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology performs tasks in the field of higher education, research, technology, metrology and promotion of the information society in the areas not covered by other ministries. The ministry also co-ordinates work in the field of the information society.


Directorate for Higher Education performs tasks enabling planning, directing and financing of higher education activities, residential facilities for students and higher education libraries. It defines starting points and objectives of higher education policy; analyses the attainment of concrete goals; draws up the National Higher Education Programme, monitors and evaluates its effects; prepares legislative and other proposals; approves the calls for enrolment and the distribution of study programmes; determines, implements and analyses integral financing of higher education institutions, analyses socio-economic issues for students; performs expert tasks related to integration into the European Union Higher Education Area. It also participates in creating an information system for higher education; analyses and monitors financing; examines and settles at second instance appeals concerning Ad futura and students’ residential facilities.


Science and Technology Directorate defines the expert bases for the adoption of political documents in the field of research policy. It drafts laws and implementing regulations on research activities. It establishes and enhances the system of comprehensive analyses and monitoring of the situation and development in research, develops new tools for attaining research policy goals, and plans the required financial resources for research. Technology Division performs tasks in the field of technological development and innovation by introducing modern concepts that promote technological development and innovation in the Slovenian industry. In its work it follows four basic orientations: horizontal incentives for R&D projects of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); technology programmes in selected technological fields; R&D infrastructure and human resources development; participation of the economy in the international R&D area.


Directorate for the Information Society is responsible for accelerated, harmonised and efficient development of the information society based on knowledge and life-long learning. This is in practice reflected in the transfer of knowledge, information and communications technologies and contents to schools and research institutions, public administration and local self-government bodies, the economy and civil society. In its work the Directorate co-operates with various organisations, including those in the field of legislation, security and privacy in the e-world, education, monitoring of indicators of the information society development, promotion of software development and its localisation based on an open and free source, scientific and expert meetings, projects bridging the digital divide and others.


Directorate for Investments forms investment policy in the area of higher education and science. In addition to direct investments in scientific and higher education infrastructure, it deals with the provision of permanent spatial solutions and thus creating high-quality working conditions for the functioning of universities, public research institutes, institutes and student homes. It also provides funds for investment maintenance and is responsible for the effective management and transparent and rational use of investment funds.


The International Relations and European Affairs Office (IREAO) is responsible for the appropriate promotion of the interests of the Republic of Slovenia in the fields of competence of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MHEST) in the international community. On the basis of Slovenia’s foreign policy guidelines, the IREAO coordinates and harmonizes the activities of the representatives of the MHEST in bodies and institutions of the EU, OECD and other international structures. For this purpose it provides an overview of international cooperation and European affairs of the MHEST and proposes, prepares and conducts certain operations.


The Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia is an independently operating body within the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. The Metrology Institute determines and runs the national metrology system in Slovenia, including t he field of precious metal articles, and procedures related to the Slovenian Business Excellence Prize. It represents these systems in the corresponding international organisations, and develops them in an internationally comparable and recognisable way.


The Inspectorate for Electronic Communications, Electronic Signature and Post is also an independently operating body within the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, which carries out direct supervision of the implementation of laws and implementing regulations in the area of electronic communications and post. In this respect, its competences in the area of electronic communications and post are supplemented by competences of authorised persons from the Post and Electronic Communications Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (APEK) with regard to supervision in both areas. The Inspectorate also performs tasks and inspections in accordance with the law governing electronic commerce and electronic signatures.