Information Society Directorate


Kotnikova 19a

1000 Ljubljana



Phone: +386 1 478 47 78

Fax: +386 1 478 46 65

E-mail: gp.mvzt(at)


Head of Directorate:

Marjan Turk, Director General




The Information Society Directorate co-ordinates the implementation of the programme in the field of the information society. Accelerated development of the information society will have a significant impact on the competitiveness of the Slovenian economy and society, number of work places with high added value, quality of life and balanced regional development. In line with its mission to set up an inclusive information society that will integrate the potential and knowledge of the Information Communications Technologies into accelerated development of the Slovenian society as a whole, this Directorate dedicates an essential part of its activity to fostering the development of the information society and co-ordination of activities in this field.


Major projects

Open and free source projects, Information Society Indicators, Network of Public Internet Access Points (PIAP): e-schools, e-libraries, MultiMedia Centres (MMC), publication of e-government content on public internet access points, maintenance of e-point Web site, Promotion of the Information Society Development, Support to the Introduction of e-Business, Promotion of the ICT Sector Development, Promotion of e-Content Development in the Republic of Slovenia, Distance learning of the Slovenian language, Slovenian Intervention Centre for Internet Incidents, Prevention of Illegal Use of Software, Web Site Identity of State Administration Authorities, Public Invitation to Tender “Academic Networks and Contents”, Introduction of e-Business in Local Communities, Research Programme in the Field of the Information Society – Target Research Programme – Focus 9, Slovenia’s Strategy in the Information Society, Preparation, Implementation and Co-financing of the Public Invitation to Tender “Computer Literacy”, Evaluation of Regional Development Programmes and Obligations Arising from Membership (ERISA), eGOV Pilot (Vinova) – Programme Implementation for Slovenia.


Co-operation in Drafting other Strategic Development Documents and Monitoring their Implementation from the Standpoint of the Information Society

National Development Programme for 2004-2006, National Development Programme for 2007-2013, Development Strategy for Slovenia 2007-2013, Monitoring and Evaluation of Regional Development Programmes in terms of the Introduction of Regional Integrated Strategies, National Research Programme.


National Co-ordination of Community Programmes eContentplus and eTEN.


Co-operation with International Organisations and Participation in their Working Groups

eAccessibility (EU), High Level Group on Internet Governance (UN/WSIS), e-Governance (OECD), Membership of and Activities within ERISA on behalf of Slovenian Regional Development Agencies, Council of Europe Working Group on Telecommunications and the Information Society, Council of Europe Working Group on Structural Policy and Regional Development, Participation in Activities for Preparation of WSIS, Group on Safe and Intelligent Transport Systems (EU-DG INFSO e-Safety).


Participation in the Information Society Projects of other Authorities

Register of Movable Cultural Heritage, Digitalisation of Cultural Heritage, Music Information Centre, Electronic Elections, Business Plan for Location Based Services Support System, Home Computing Initiative, e-VEM Project (one-stop shop), Electronic Exchange of Data in Public Administration, e-Government Training Project for Public Administration, Project: Insight into the Central Register of Population, Preparation and Monitoring of the National Action Plan for Social Inclusion, Preparation and Monitoring of the Joint Inclusion Memorandum between the Republic of Slovenia and the European Commission (JIM), Project Council for Information System of the Internal Administrative Affairs, Project Council for the Implementation of the Information System Procurement Project, e-Government State Portal.


International co-operation

QUADRILATERAL – Slovenia-Croatia-Hungary-Italy, bilateral co-operation, activities of the Central European Initiative (CEI).


Important daily tasks

Keeping of the register of certificate agencies, extraordinary naturalization – opinion, early issue of a permanent residence permit - opinion.

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