Harvesting Knowledge about ubiquitous computer science

On 12 July 2011, at the National Assembly, a lecture titled "Ubiquitous Computer Science" was delivered as part of the Harvesting Knowledge project by Andrej Brodnik, PhD, assistant professor at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science at the University of Ljubljana, research adviser at the Primorska Institute of Natural Sciences and Technology at the University of Primorska, full professor at the Koper Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies at the University of Primorska, and associated professor at the Luleå University of Technology (Sweden).


Prof. Brodnik presented the work and findings of the programme group in the research on ubiquitous computer systems. The Ubiquitous Computer Science research programme explores new computer science paradigms and the strong communication networks of diverse computing devices, which autonomously or together collect and process data or information in order to use it with appropriate services with regard to the context and the particular activity of the user. In this way, they adapt to the user in the private and business environment and at public places, in such a way that they ensure security and privacy and prevent fraud.


Prof. Brodnik said that the programme group could pride itself on successful cooperation with the corporate sector, as well as on the organisation of competitions on computer and information science at the levels of elementary school, secondary school and university. The aim of such competitions is to popularise computer and information science. Prof. Brodnik added that he sees the purpose and the need for introducing computer and information science as a compulsory subject in elementary school, as has already been done in some other European countries.